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In Chapters - Fire


Fire art by Andy Fung

As you may or may not know I have a hand in running a night called in chapters at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff with John Williams, Richard James and the in chapters band. We invite writers, poets and musicians to write a single piece based on a theme and perform it live on stage with the backing of the in chapters house band (should they wish it).

The in chapters band is ace. It has Ed Mugford on the bass, Andy Fung on drums, Eugene Capper on Violin/Viola, Rhodri Viney on Pedal steel/saw/guitar and myself and Richard James on guitars/keys/banjos etc. Playing music with these fine gentlemen is one of my most favourite things to do.

As well as collaborating with the band it is always fascinating to work with the writers and musicians contributing to the night and I have to say that tonight’s event based on the theme ‘Fire’ has produced some inspiring work. There’s a facebook event page here too.  Both Rich and myself have contributed new songs and Rhodri wrote a beautiful accompaniment to some prose by Des Barry. Add to that the music of Miss Word Salad, the words of two proper award-winning poets, more prose from Holly Muller and John Williams and the all round meic stevensness of Meic Stevens and you’ve got a very special evening indeed

So, if you’re at a loose end in Cardiff tonight come to the in chapters night and you won’t be disappointed!

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