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photo shoot

Only about three band photos exist of Hail! The Planes, none of which are very good.  Nor do they feature our recent line-up additions.  As such we’ve planned a photo shoot for Sunday at Cardiff Bay, where Fran is doing numerous performances as part of Sport Relief.  It turns out we only have a half an hour timeslot in which to do the shoot, and our meeting point is a pub.  It’s not looking hopeful.

This is how Josef foresees events developing (sent by email):

(26 minutes of chatting….)

David Muller:  Shall we try that spot over by there butt or wha? It’s tidy mun.

Holly Muller:  Maybe not, because your quadruple denim will clash with the faux-castle feature of the Waterguard dearest…

Faye (the photographer):  Hmmmm….. I don’t think David Muller’s excessive denim will be suited to the shutter speed of the lens on this camera (or something technical about photography…)

Josef Prygodzicz:  How come no-one else has got their lycra on?

Robbie (crazy time signatures) T:  You can wear my cardigan if you want? I’ll give it to you as a present after the photo shoot.

Mark Foley (was right):  Let’s just try it.

Fran (bum trumpets):  I’ve only got 4 minutes left now… and Josef’s lycra is starting to offend me a bit.

David Muller:  Hmmmm….. maybe we can use a Chillipeppers’ photo or something? They’re fkin wkd butt.

(2 mins 30 secs of more chatting…)

Fran (bum trumpets):  I’ve got to go to play some bum trumpets now.

Holly Muller:  Toodle pip.  

Josef Prygodzicz:  I’m going to the Waterguard for a Samuel Smiths Organic Wheat Beer.

Faye (the photographer):  Jos!!! It’s only 12:30pm!

Mark Foley (was right):  I’ll join you.

Rob (crazy time signatures) T:  Here’s my awesome cardigan that I promised to give you earlier Josef.

Josef Prygodzicz: Thanks Rob – you’re ace!

That wouldn’t be such a disaster though, would it?

h!tp x

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